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Transport Vector Icons V3.0

Transport Vector Icons

Transport Vector Icons    Transport Vector Icons

Version: 3.0
Series: Vector Icons
Style: Vista/Seven
Count: 164
Format:             .AI (Adobe Illustrator)
Colors: TrueColor + Alpha
Sizes: Any Size (Vector)
Price: 180 USD   360 USD

This vector icon set represents 164 transports including Aircrafts, Bikes, Cars, Containers, Emergency Vehicles, Ground Support Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Public Transport, Rail Transport, Trucks, Watercraft Equipment, Watercraft and more. Icons are provided in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format and each color variation and shadow are placed in separate layers.


Please download Transport Vector Icons Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

Airliner, Airplane, Helicopter, Bicycle, Cruiser Motorcycle, Motorcycle, Pedicab, Quadbike, Recumbent Trike, Scooter, Touring Motorcycle, Cabriolet, Camper Van, Car, Executive Car, Hatchback, Hybrid Car, Jeep, Limousine, Luxury Car, Minibus, Minicar, Minicar Trailer, Minitruck, MUV, Panel Van, Pickup, Service Van, Sports Car, Station Wagon, SUV, Van, 20ft Container, 40ft Container, Container, Domestic Oil Tank, Skip, Swap Container, Swap Curtain Side Container, Swap Tank Container, Wheelchair, Air Ambulance, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Police Car, Recovery Truck, Tow Truck, Belt Loader, Container Loader, Ground Power Unit Trailer, Pushback Tug, Tempest Deicer, Backhoe Loader, Bulldozer, Compact Excavator, Excavator, Farm Tractor, Forklift Truck, Landfill Compactor, Loader, Material Handler, Road Roller, Road Sweeper, Roller Compactor, Skid Steer Loader, Skip Loader, Soil Stabilizer, Steam Roller, Street Sweeper, Telescopic Handler, Tower Crane, Truck Mounted Crane, Wheeled Excavator, Wrecking Ball, Tank, Car Repair, Taxi Pink, Tyre, Wheel, Wheel Rim, Coach, Commuter Bus, Double Decker Bus, Double Decker Bus Open Top, School Bus, Subway, Taxi, Tram, Transit Bus, Trolleybus, Diesel Locomotive, Diesel Locomotive Boxcar, Steam Locomotive, Steam Locomotive Tender, Train, Box Trailer, Caravan, Car Trailer, Containerized Generator Trailer, Curtain Side Trailer, Flatbed Trailer, Flatbed Trailer Bulkhead, Flatbed Trailer Loader Crane Head, Flatbed Trailer Loader Crane Rear, Full Trailer, Jetter Trailer, Lowboy Trailer, Plant Trailer, Reefer Trailer, Super Silent Generator Trailer, Tanker Trailer, Travel Trailer, Ultra Silent Generator Trailer, Utility Trailer, Waste Tanker Trailer, Water Bowser Trailer, Wood Chipper, Bin Truck, CCTV Truck, Concrete Pump, Flatbed Truck Loader Crane Head, Flatbed Truck Loader Crane Rear, Fuel Tank Truck, Gritter, Gully Emptier, Haul Truck, Lorry, Lorry Cab, Lorry Trailer, LPG Tank Truck, Mixer Truck, Petroleum Tank Truck, Service Truck, Sewer Cleaning Truck, Silo Truck, Skip Truck, Snow Plow Truck, Tanker Truck, Tipper Truck, Tractor Flatbed Trailer, Tractor Trailer, Tractor Unit, Truck, Truck V, Water Tank Truck, Boat Equipment, Lifebuoy, Outboard Motor, Barge, Boat, Bulk Carrier, Cargo Ship, Catamaran, Container Ship, Cruise Ship, Inflatable Boat, Motorboat, Rescue Lifeboat, Sailboat, Sailing Ship, Schooner, Tanker, Water Bike, Water Motorcycle

Icons Preview

Preview of one icon

Transport Vector Icons - one icon in Adobe Illustrator

Icons preview of Transport Vector Icons

Airplane Vector Icons, Aircraft Vector Icons, Ground Support Service Vector Icons

Cars Vector Icons, Motorcycle Vector Icons, Sports Car Vector Icon

Misc Transport Vector Icons

Public Transport Vector Icons, Rail Transport Vector Icons, Train Vector Icon, Emergency Vehicles Vector Icons, Police Car Vector Icon

Heavy Equipment Vector Icons, Construction Vector Icons

Trailers Vector Icons, Containers Vector Icons

Trucks Vector Icons, Delivery Truck Vector Icon, Shipping Truck Vector Icon, Semi Truck Vector Icon, Pickup Truck Vector Icon, Moving Truck Vector Icon

Cruise Ship Vector Icon, Cargo Ship Vector Icon, Sail Ship Vector Icon, Watercrafts Vector Vector Icons, Watercraft Equipment Vector Vector Icons

Note: Not all icons are displayed on these preview images. Some small icon modifications are not there.
Please download catalog for entire list of icons.

Note: Some of icons may look dirty because JPG compression is used for generating preview images. Original icons have highest quality.


Please download Transport Vector Icons Free Demo. It includes several icons in all sizes under Icons-Land Demo License Agreement.

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