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Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set

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Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set

Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set    Multimedia Icon Set

Version: 1.0
Series: Software Icons, Web Icons
Count: 58
Variations: 502
Formats:             .PNG, .ICO on request
Colors: TrueColor + Alpha
Sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256
Price: 80 USD ($5 individual icon)

If you are developing media-centered software application (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), mobile application or website, and you would like it to have modern Vista (Aero) style - then get these icons. This Multimedia Icon Set includes 58 unique icons (502 variations) of seven sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256. Default format is .PNG, though other formats (.ICO, .ICNS) are available on request. Among these icons are Remote Control Icons (Play, Stop, etc) and Multimedia Devices icons (Camera, Scanner, etc), and other icons like Zoom, Movie File, Sound Spectrum.

Icons List

 #  Icon Name   Illustration  Var. Meaning
1  CDDiskCD Disk1  CD, DVD, Disk
2  CameraCamera1  Camera, Video
3  PhotoPhoto1  Photo, Camera
4  KeyboardMusic Keyboard1  Keyboard, Music Keyboard
5  PrinterPrinter2  Printer, Printing Pictures
6  ScannerScanner1  Scanner, Scanning Pictures
7  Web CameraWeb Camera1  Web Camera, Video
8  DriveDrive2  Hard Disk, USB Drive
9  CD DriveDrive2  CD Drive
10  Movie FileMovie File1  Movie File, Video File
11  Music FileMusic File2  Music File, Music
12  Play List FilePlay List File2  Play List File, Play List
13  HeadphonesHeadphones3  Headphones, Headphones with Microphone
14  MicrophoneMicrophone4  Microphone
15  MusicNote3  Music, Note
16  PicturePicture2  Picture, Photo
17  PanoramaPanorama2  Panorama
18  VideoVideo2  Video, Movie
19  Slide ShowScreen1  Slide Show, Screen
20  VoicePerson talking1  Voice, Talking, Call Centre
21  VolumeSpeakerphone3  Volume, Speakerphone
22  Volume IncreaseSpeakerphone with Plus3  Increase Volume
23  Volume DecreaseSpeakerphone with Minus3  Decrease Volume
24  Volume MutedSpeakerphone with Cancel3  Mute Volume
25  Volume ControlVolume Control2  Volume Control, Change Volume, Equalizer
26  ZoomMagnifier1  Zoom, Magnifier
27  Zoom InMagnifier with Plus4  Zoom In
28  Zoom OutMagnifier with Minus4  Zoom Out
29  Zoom ResetMagnifier with Reset Arrow3  Zoom Reset
30  ZoomMagnifier1  Zoom, Magnifier
31  Player Mode FullscreenPlayer2  Player in Fullscreen mode
32  Player Mode NormalPlayer2  Player in Normal Mode
33  Player Mode CompactPlayer2  Player in Compact Mode
34  Player Mode MinimalPlayer4  Player in Minimal Mode
35  Sound SpectrumSpectrum, Oscilloscope3  Sound Spectrum, Oscilloscope
36  MicrophoneMicrophone Sign14  Microphone
37  VolumeVolume Sign14  Volume
38  PlayPlay Sign19  Play
39  StopStop Sign19  Stop
40  RecordRecord Sign19  Record
41  PausePause Sign19  Pause
42  EjectEject Sign19  Eject
43  Play/PausePlay/Pause Sign19  Play/Pause
44  Stop/EjectStop/Eject Sign19  Stop/Eject
45  Scan ForwardScan Forward Sign19  Forward, Next
46  Scan BackScan Back Sign19  Prev, Previous Track, Next
47  Skip ForwardSkip Forward Sign19  Skip Forward
48  Skip BackSkip Back Sign19  Skip Back
49  Seek ForwardSeek Forward Sign19  Seek Forward
50  Seek BackSeek Back Sign19  Seek Back
51  Step ForwardStep Forward Sign19  Step Forward
52  Step BackStep Back Sign19  Step Back
53  Play Mode StandardPlay Mode Standard Sign19  Play Mode Standard
54  Play Mode PreviewPlay Mode Preview Sign19  Play Mode Preview
55  Play Mode RandomPlay Mode Random Sign19  Play Mode Random
56  Play Mode Repeat AllPlay Mode Repeat All Sign19  Play Mode Repeat All
57  Play Mode Repeat All ReversePlay Mode Repeat All Reverse Sign19  Play Mode Repeat All Reverse
58  Play Mode Repeat TrackPlay Mode Repeat Track Sign19  Play Mode Repeat Track
Total:58502  58 Icons, 502 Variations

Icons Preview

Preview of one icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Multimedia Icon Set - One icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Icons preview of Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set

Icons preview of Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set

VCR icons of Multimedia Icon Set

Note: Not all icons are displayed on these preview images. Some small icon modifications are not there.

Note: Some of icons may look dirty because JPG compression is used for generating preview images. Original icons have highest quality.

Free Samples

Please download Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set Free Demo. It includes several icons in all sizes under Icons-Land Demo License Agreement.

Individual Icon Purchase

Each icon is $5 when purchased individually. Please Contact Us and specify list of icons you need. Then we'll contact you.

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