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Vista Style Points of Interest (POI) Icon Set

Vista Style Points of Interest Icon Set

Vista Style Points of Interest Icon Set    Points of Interest Icon Set

Version: 2.0
Style: Vista/Seven Symbol
Count: 279
Variations: 2226
Formats:             .PNG, .ICO on request
Sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256
Price: 70 USD   90 USD
$5 individual icon

This set of ready-made icons represents 274 unique objects of various leisure points that are used in maps. Each point of interest icon is offered in 8 variations, what amounts to 2192 icons. Being symbolic, the icons are still pictured in Windows Vista Style.

All icons included into the set are mostly used in mapping systems. Points of Interest icons are meant to show places on the maps which can be interesting for the user. They can be displayed on the maps of different providers and are great alternative to the Google maps icons.

Also 34 overlay icons are provided, that in compination with other icons give new meaning to the combined icon. For example using overlay icons you may produce new icons like Paid Parking and NO Parking.


Please download Vista Style Points of Interest Icon Set Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

 #  Icon Name  Var. Meaning
1  Administration8  Administration, Building, Government
2  Airport8  Airport, Airplane
3  Alpine Skiing8  Alpine Skiing, Skiing, Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, Downhill
4  Ambulance8  Ambulance, Emergency, Hospital
5  Amphitheater8  Amphitheater, Amphitheatre
6  Approved8  Approved, Checkmark
7  Archery8  Archery, Archer, Bowman
8  ATM Keypad8  ATM, ATM Keypad, Automated Teller Machine, Cash Point, Cash Machine
9  ATM Money In Hand8  ATM, Automated Teller Machine, Cash Point, Cash Machine, Hole In The Wall
10  ATM Money Out8  ATM, Automated Teller Machine, Cash Point, Cash Machine, Hole In The Wall
11  Attraction8  Attraction, Observation Wheel, Ferris Wheel, Big Wheel, Amusement Park, Theme Park
12  Baby Carriage8  Baby Carriage, Pram, Carrycot, Baby Transport
13  Baggage Cart8  Baggage Cart, Luggage Cart, Trolley
14  Baggage Storage8  Baggage Storage, Left Luggage, Luggage Storage, Bag Storage
15  Baggage8  Baggage, Luggage
16  Bank8  Bank
17  Bar Champagne8  Bar, Champagne
18  Bar Martini8  Bar, Martini
19  Bar Wine8  Bar, Wine
20  Baseball8  Baseball, Baseball Player, Batter
21  Beach8  Beach
22  Bear8  Bear
23  Bicycle8  Bicycle, Bike, Pushbike, Cycle, Cycling, Bicycling, Bbiking
24  Board8  Board
25  Boat Ramp8  Boat Ramp, Slipway, Boat Slip, Slip
26  Border Crossing8  Border Crossing, Border, Customs
27  Bowling8  Bowling
28  Bus Station8  Bus Station, Bus, Bus Stop
29  Cable Car8  Cable Car, Aerial Tramway, Ropeway, Aerial Tram, Aerial Lift, Gondola Lift
30  Cafe8  Cafe, Cup of Tea, Cup of Coffee, Coffee
31  Calendar8  Calendar
32  Camera8  Camera, Photo Camera, Photo
33  Campfire8  Campfire, Fire, Camping
34  Camping Hut8  Camping Hut, Shelter, Mountain Hut, Alpine Hut, Mountain Shelter, Mountain Hostel, Climbing Hut
35  Camping Lean-to8  Camping Lean-to, Laavu, Gapskjul, Slogbod, Gapahuk
36  Camping Shelter8  Camping Shelter, Hut
37  Camping Tent8  Camping Tent, Shelter
38  Camping Tipi8  Camping Tipi, Tent, Shelter, Hut, Tepee, Teepee
39  Canoeing8  Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, Paddling, Canoe, Canadian Canoe, Kayak, Boat
40  Cards8  Cards, Maps
41  Car Ferry8  Car Ferry, Roll-on/Roll-off, RORO, Ro-Ro
42  Car Rental Service8  Car Rental Service
43  Car Repair8  Car Repair, Breakdown, Automobile Repair Shop, Garage
44  Car Safety8  Car Safety, Car Security, Car Alarm
45  Car Wash8  Car Wash, Carwash, Auto Wash
46  Car8  Car, Vehicle
47  Casino Dice8  Casino, Dice, Gambling, Gaming, Tabletop Game, Table Game
48  Castle8  Castle, Fort, Fortress, Fortification, Citadel
49  Caving8  Caving, Spelunking, Potholing, Cave, Speleology, Spelaeology
50  Cemetery Cross8  Cemetery, Cross, Headstone, Graveyard
51  Cemetery Headstone8  Cemetery, Headstone, Graveyard
52  Cemetery Leaf8  Cemetery, Leaf, Headstone, Graveyard, Memorial
53  Certificate8  Certificate
54  Chart Arrow8  Chart Arrow, Growth
55  Chart Bars8  Chart Bars
56  Chopsticks8  Chopsticks, Chinese Food, Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Restaurant, Japanese Food, Japanese Cuisine, Japanese Restaurant
57  Church8  Church, Church Building, Temple
58  Cinema8  Film, Filmmaking, Film Production, Movie Theater, Cinema, Movie House, Picture Theater, Film Theater
59  City8  City, Building
60  Climbing8  Climbing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Mountaineering, Scrambling, Alpine Scrambling, Hillwalking, Fellwalking, Backpacking, Tramping, Trekking, Bushwalking, Hiking
61  Cloudy Partly8  Cloudy, Cloud, Sun
62  College8  College, School, Building
63  Consulate8  Consulate
64  Cottage8  Cottage, Cabin, Chalet, Swiss Chalet, Hut, Mountain Hut, Alpine Hut, Mountain Shelter, Mountain Hostel
65  Court8  Court, Law
66  Cow8  Cow, Cattle, Cows, Bull, Domesticated Ungulates
67  Crematorium8  Crematorium, Cemetery
68  Cross Country Skiing8  Cross-Country Skiing, XC Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Ski-Orienteering, SkiO
69  Cup8  Cup, Cafe
70  Currency Dollar8  Currency, Dollar
71  Currency Euro8  Currency, Euro
72  Currency Pound8  Currency, Pound
73  Currency Yen8  Currency, Yen
74  Dam8  Dam, Floodgate, Levee, Dike, Dyke, Embankment, Floodbank, Stopbank
75  Dancing8  Dancing, Discotheque, Disco, Nightclub, Dance Club, Dance Party, Club, Clubgoer
76  Deer8  Deer, Moose, Cervidae, Animal
77  Dentist Tooth8  Dentist, Tooth
78  Dentist Treatment8  Dentist, Treatment
79  Disabled8  Disabled
80  Disneyland8  Disneyland, Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort, Disney Resort
81  Diving8  Diving
82  Dog8  Dog, Domestic Dog
83  Drinking Water Tap8  Drinking Water, Tap
84  Drinks Jar Bottle8  Drinks, Jar, Bottle
85  Drinks Juice8  Drinks, Juice
86  Drugstore8  Drugstore, Drug Store, Pharmacy
87  Duck8  Duck, Waterfowl, Anatidae
88  Electricity Power Plug8  Electricity, Power Plug
89  Electricity Sign8  Electricity Sign
90  Escalator8  Escalator
91  Exhibition Center8  Exhibition Center, Convention Center, Conference Centre
92  Exit8  Exit, Emergency Exit
93  Factory8  Factory, Manufactory, Manufacturing Plant, Plant
94  Falling Ice8  Warning Falling Ice
95  Falling Rocks8  Warning Falling Rocks
96  Fire Extinguisher8  Fire Extinguisher, Extinguisher, Flame Exntinguisher
97  Fire Station8  Fire Station, Fire House, Fire Hall, Stationhouse, Firefighting, Fire Apparatus, Fire Engine, Fire Truck, Fire Appliance
98  Firewood Cutting8  Firewood Cutting
99  Fish Hatchery8  Fish Hatchery
100  Fishing8  Fishing, Fish
101  Fish Ladder8  Fish Ladder, Fishway, Fish Pass, Fish Steps
102  Forest Conservation8  Forest Conservation, Conservation Movement, Nature —onservation
103  Gas Station8  Gas Station, Filling Station, Fueling Station, Garage, Gasbar, Petrol Bunk, Petrol Pump, Petrol Garage, Petrol Kiosk, Petrol Station, servo, Service Station
104  Gears8  Gears,
105  Gear8  Gear
106  Globe8  Globe, Internet
107  Golf Club8  Golf Club, Golf
108  Government Badge8  Government, Badge
109  Government Facility8  Government, Facility
110  Group8  Group, People
111  Hair Salon8  Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Beauty Parlor, Beauty Parlour, Beauty Shop, Beauty Saloon
112  Hang Gliding8  Hang Gliding, Hanggliding, Hang Glider, Delta Plane, Deltaplane
113  Hiking8  Hiking, Climbing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Mountaineering, Scrambling, Alpine Scrambling, Hillwalking, Fellwalking, Backpacking, Tramping, Trekking, Bushwalking
114  Horse Riding8  Horse Riding, Equestrianism, Riding, Horseback Riding, Rider, Horse
115  Horse8  Horse, Horse Riding, Equestrianism, Riding, Horseback Riding
116  Hospice8  Hospice, Hospital, Nursing Home, Convalescent Home, Skilled Nursing Unit, SNU, Care Home, Rest Home, Old People's Home
117  Hospital Cross8  Hospital, Cross, Health Care, Healthcare
118  Hospital Facility8  Hospital Facility, Health Care, Healthcare
119  Hospital RodOfAsclepius8  Hospital, Rod Of Asclepius, Health Care, Healthcare
120  Hostel8  Hostel, Backpackers' Hostels, Backpackers
121  Hotel Bed 3D8  Hotel, Motel, Bed
122  Hotel Bed8  Hotel, Motel, Bed
123  Hotel H8  Hotel, Motel, Letter H, Char H
124  House8  House, Cottage, Cabin, Hut, Mountain Hut, Alpine Hut, Mountain Shelter
125  Ice Cream8  Ice Cream, Ice-—ream, Cafe
126  Ice Fishing8  Ice Fishing, Fishing, Fish
127  Ice Skating8  Ice Skating, Ice Skater, Skater, Skating, Speed Skating, Tour Skating
128  Information8  Information, Letter I, Char I
129  Internet8  Internet
130  Kangaroo8  Kangaroo, Animals
131  Knob8  Pin, Needle
132  Laundry8  Laundry, Washing Machine, Laundry Machine, Clothes Washer, Washe
133  Lawyer Paragraph8  Lawyer, Paragraph
134  Library Book 3D8  Library, Book
135  Library Book8  Library, Book
136  Lifebuoy8  Lifebuoy, Ring Buoy, Lifering, Lifesaver, Life Preserver, Lifebelt
137  Lifejacket8  Lifejacket
138  Lighthouse8  Lighthouse
139  Light8  Light, Lamp, Light Bulb, Incandescent Light Bulb, Incandescent Lamp, Incandescent Light Globe
140  Lodge8  Lodge, Log Cabin, Log House, Camping Hut, Shelter, Mountain Hut, Alpine Hut, Mountain Shelter, Mountain Hostel, Climbing Hut
141  Log Cabin8  Log Cabin, Lodge, Camping Hut, Shelter, Mountain Hut, Alpine Hut, Mountain Shelter, Mountain Hostel, Climbing Hut
142  Magazine8  Magazine, Periodical Literature, Periodical Publication, Periodical, Newspaper
143  Mail Envelope8  Mail, Envelope, Letter, EMail
144  Mail Horn8  Mail, Horn
145  Map District8  Map, District Map, Country Map, Roads Map
146  Map Roads8  Map, Roads Map, Country Map, District Map
147  McDonalds8  McDonalds
148  Medicine Caduceus8  Medicine, Caduceus, Health Care, Healthcare
149  Medicine Rod Of Asclepius8  Medicine, Rod Of Asclepius, Health Care, Healthcare
150  Meeting8  Meeting, Handshake, Shaking Hands
151  Memorial8  Memorial
152  Metal Detector8  Metal Detector, Minesweeping, Treasure Hunting, Beach Combing, Beachcombing
153  Metro8  Metro, Letter M, Char M, Rapid Transit, Underground, Subway, Elevated Railway, Metropolitan Railway
154  Military8  Military, Army, Tank
155  Motorcycle8  Motorcycle, Motorbike, Bike, —ycle
156  Museum8  Museum, Exhibit
157  Music8  Music, Concert, Orchestra, Opera
158  Newspaper8  Newspaper
159  Notepad8  Notepad
160  Nursing Home8  Nursing Home, Convalescent Home, Skilled Nursing Unit, SNU, Care Home, Rest Home, Old People's Home
161  Observation8  Observation, Observation Deck, Observation Platform, Viewing Platform, Sightseeing Platform, Sightseeing
162  Official8  Official, Person, Government Official, Government Functionary, Bureaucrat
163  Off Road Vehicle8  Off-Road Vehicle, SUV, Off-Roading, 4 Wheel Vehicle, 4WD, Four-Wheel Drive, 4WD, 4x4, Vehicle, Car
164  Orchestra8  Orchestra, Music, Opera
165  Pagoda8  Pagoda, Temple
166  Parking Covered8  Parking, Covered Parking
167  Parking8  Parking, Letter P, Char P
168  Park Coniferous Tree8  Park, Coniferous Tree
169  Park Deciduous Tree8  Park, Deciduous Tree
170  Park Mixed Trees8  Park, Mixed Trees, Coniferous Tree, Deciduous Tree
171  Partially Submerged Wreck8  Partially Submerged Wreck, Submerged Wreck, Wreck
172  Pedestrian Crossing8  Pedestrian Crossing, Crosswalk
173  Pharmacy Caduceus8  Pharmacy, Caduceus
174  Pharmacy Mortar And Pestle8  Pharmacy, Mortar And Pestle, Drug Store, Drugstore
175  Pharmacy Rod Of Asclepius8  Pharmacy, Rod Of Asclepius
176  Phone8  Phone, Telephone
177  Physical Exercises8  Barbell, Exercise Equipment, Weight Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Physical Exercises, Workout, Exercise, Strength Training
178  Physician Rod Of Asclepius8  Physician, Rod Of Asclepius, Medicine, Healtcare, Health Care
179  Physician Stethoscope8  Physician, Stethoscope, Medicine, Healtcare, Health Care
180  Picnic Ground8  Picnic Ground, Picnic, Picnic Table, Picnic Bench
181  Pin8  Pin
182  Pitch8  Pitch, Sports Field, Field of Play, Stadium
183  Playground Kids8  Playground, Kids
184  Playground Swing8  Playground, Swing
185  Point Of Interest8  Point Of Interest
186  Point8  Point, Target
187  Police Station8  Police Station, Police Car, Station House
188  Police Badge8  Police Badge
189  Port Anchor8  Port, Anchor
190  Port Ship8  Port, Ship, Cargo Ship, Passenger Ship
191  Post Office8  Post Office, Mail, Envelope
192  Present8  Present, Gif, Surprise
193  Prizes8  Prizes
194  Pub8  Pub, Bar, Public House, Beer
195  Radiator Water8  Radiator Water, Car, Car Repair, Breakdown
196  Radio8  Radio
197  Railway Station8  Railway Station, Train
198  Rain Occasional8  Occasional Rain
199  Rain8  Rain, Raining
200  Ranger Station8  Ranger Station, Forest Service
201  Recycling8  Recycling
202  Rejected8  Rejected
203  Resort8  Resort, Rest, Relaxation, Recreation, Holidays, Vacation
204  Restaurant Fork Knife Crossed8  Restaurant, Fork, Knife, Tableware, Dishware
205  Restaurant Fork Knife Parallel8  Restaurant, Fork, Knife, Tableware, Dishware
206  Restaurant Tableware8  Restaurant, Tableware, Fork, Knife, Plate, Dishware
207  Restroom Men8  Restroom Men, Public Toilet, Bathroom, Comfort Room, Powder Room, Toilet Room, Washroom, Water Closet, W.C., Public Lavatory
208  Restroom WC8  Restroom WC, Public Toilet, Bathroom, Comfort Room, Powder Room, Toilet Room, Washroom, Water Closet, W.C., Public Lavatory
209  Restroom Women Man8  Restroom, Public Toilet, Bathroom, Comfort Room, Powder Room, Toilet Room, Washroom, Water Closet, W.C., Public Lavatory
210  Restroom Women8  Restroom Women, Public Toilet, Bathroom, Comfort Room, Powder Room, Toilet Room, Washroom, Water Closet, W.C., Public Lavatory
211  Road8  Road, Route
212  Rockhounding8  Rockhounding, Amateur Geology
213  Roller Skating8  Roller Skating, Roller Skater, Roller Skates
214  Sailing8  Sailing, Yacht, Yachnting
215  Sanitary Disposal Station8  Sanitary Disposal Station, Waste Disposal, Waste Management
216  Scenic View Point8  Scenic View Point
217  School8  School, Abacus
218  Scuba Diving8  Scuba Diving, Scuba diver
219  Seal8  Seal, Pinniped, Fin-Footed Mammal
220  Search8  Search, Find, Binoculars, Field Glasses, Binocular Telescopes
221  Security8  Security, Key
222  Self Guided Tour8  Self Guided Tour, Self-Governing Tour, Tourism, Travel
223  Shop8  Shop, Supermarket, Shopping Cart, Shopping Trolley, Shopping Carriage
224  Shower8  Shower, Shower-Bath, Walk-In Shower, Steam Shower
225  Shrub8  Shrub, Bush
226  Skateboarding8  Skateboarding, Skateboarder, Skateboard
227  Ski Lift Chairlift8  Ski Lift, Chairlift, Aerial Lift
228  Ski Lift Surface Lift8  Ski Lift, Surface Lift, T-Bar Lift
229  Sledding8  Sledding, Sledging, Sleding, Tobogganing, Sled, Sledge, Toboggan
230  Slippery Ramp8  Slippery Ramp
231  Slippery Steps8  Slippery Steps
232  Smoking8  Smoking, Cigarette
233  Snack Bar8  Snack Bar, Snack Food
234  Snake8  Snake
235  Snowboarding8  Snowboarding, Snowboard
236  Snowmobiling8  Snowmobiling, Snowmobile, Snowmachine, Sled
237  Snow8  Snow, Snowflake
238  Soccer8  Soccer, Football, Association Football
239  SOS8  SOS, Emergency Telephone, Emergency Phone
240  Sports8  Sports
241  Stadium8  Stadium
242  Star8  Star, New
243  Sunny8  Sunny, Sun
244  Supermarket8  Supermarket, Bag, Shop, Shopping
245  Swimming8  Swimming, Pool, Swimmer
246  Taxi8  Taxi, Taxicab, Cab
247  Temple8  Temple
248  Tennis Player8  Tennis Player
249  Tennis Racket8  Tennis Racket
250  Theater8  Theater, Theatre
251  Town8  Town, City
252  Traffic Lights8  Traffic Lights
253  Trailer8  Trailer, Camping, Mobile Home, Caravan
254  Tree Spruce8  Tree, Spruce
255  Trophy8  Trophy, Cup
256  Truck8  Truck, Lorry, Delivery
257  Tunnel8  Tunnel
258  Umbrella8  Umbrella, Rain, Protection
259  Underwear8  Underwear
260  Wading8  Wading, Wade
261  Walk8  Walk, Walking, Person
262  Waste Container8  Waste Container, Garbage Can, Trash Can, Trash Barrel, Trash Bin, Skip, Dumpster, Waste Basket, Container Bin, Bin
263  Watchtower8  Watchtower, Border
264  Water Gas Electricity8  Water Gas Electricity
265  Waterskiing8  Waterskiing, Water Skiing, Water Skier
266  Water Pump8  Water Pump, Water Supply, Water Source
267  Water Tap8  Water Tap, Water Supply, Water Source
268  Weight8  Weight, Weighting
269  Well8  Well, Water, Water Well, Water Source
270  Whale8  Whale, Cetacea, Cetus
271  Windsurfing8  Windsurfing, Sailboarding, Boardsailing, Sailboard
272  Worker8  Worker
273  Yachting8  Yachting, Yacht, Sailing
274  Zoo8  Zoo, Zoological Garden, Zoological Park, Menagerie
275  Overlay Currency Dollar8  Overlay, Currency, Dollar
276  Overlay Currency Euro8  Overlay, Currency, Euro
277  Overlay Currency Pound8  Overlay, Currency, Pound
278  Overlay Currency Yen8  Overlay, Currency, Yen
279  Overlay Forbidden2  Overlay, Forbidden, Restricted, NO
Total: 2792226  279 Icons, 2226 Variations

Icons Preview

Preview of one icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Points of Interest Icon Set - One icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Preview of one icon in different variations:

Vista Style Points of Interest Icon Set - One icon in different variations

Icons preview of Vista Style Points of Interest Icon Set

Points of Interest (POI, Map) Icons Preview

Points of Interest (POI, Map) Icons Preview

Points of Interest (POI, Map) Icons Preview

Points of Interest (POI, Map) Icons Preview

Points of Interest (POI, Map) Icons Preview

Points of Interest (POI, Map) Icons Preview

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